The Wheel of Morality was a recurring segment on Animaniacs, frequently played at the end of the episodes.

The segment would always open with Yakko, Wakko, and Dot dashing through a park and then coming to a halt, with Yakko saying "It's that time again!" After Dot and Wakko would try to guess what it was time for, Yakko would say it was time to learn the lesson of the day and then bring out the titular wheel. He would then spin the wheel, while saying the rhyme: "Wheel of Morality, turn turn turn / Tell us the lesson that we should learn." After the wheel stopped on a certain number, it would print out the corresponding moral, which was always a goofy and nonsensical one, and Yakko would read it. The Warners would give often some comments on the "moral". The segments always ended with Ralph the Guard blowing his whistle from offscreen and chasing the Warners away from the Wheel.

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