Tiny Toon Adventures
"The Wheel O' Comedy"
Season 1, Episode 3

Buster and Babs about to spin the eponymous wheel.

Production code 113
Air date September 18, 1990
Written by Paul Dini
Tom Minton
Gordon Bressack
Charles Howell
Directed by Art Vitello
Animation services by TMS
Gag credit Elmyra Fan Club President - Chuck Harvey
Closing tag Buster: "And dat's a wrap!"
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"A Quack in the Quarks"
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"Test Stressed"

"The Wheel O' Comedy" is the third broadcast episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


Buster's planned episode is cut short. As a result, they uses the Wheel O' Comedy to select cartoons.

Devil Doggy

Elmyra meets Dizzy Devil, thinking that he is a puppy. She takes him home and gives him all sorts of hell. The standout of this cartoon short is the Psycho parody, in which Dizzy is in the shower cooling off his mouth after a hot chili lunch and Elmyra come up to him and gives him a bath. After this much abuse, Dizzy spins out of Elmyra's house in terror.

Optical Intrusion

Two technicians created faulty 3-D glasses that makes things jump out at them, literally! They throw them away, but Furrball finds them and things start flying at him. He tries to get them off, but they are stuck on his head with glue. A dog starts to terrorize him, and they both have objects flying at them due to Furrball's glasses. The episode ends with Furrball finally getting the glasses off, only to have the dog wear them!

Win, Lose, or Kerplowie!

Babs, Montana Max, and Plucky appear on a game show. Max cheats throughout the entire game by offering money to the host. Babs and Buster discovers what is happening and tries to do something about it after Babs gets a rotten egg dropped on her. So they kidnap the host and Buster dresses up like him to pay Monty back.

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