Duck Dodgers
"The Green Loontern"
Season 1, Episode 10

Dodgers gets the outfit and powers of a Green Lantern.

Air date October 18, 2003
Directed by Tony Cervone
Chapter number 12.05
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"The Wrath of Canasta"
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"Quarterback Quack"

"The Green Loontern" is the tenth episode of Duck Dodgers. It is notable in that it centers around a crossover with characters from the DC Comics Universe; more specifically, the Green Lantern property. While parodying DC Comics was nothing new for the Looney Tunes, this is notably only the second of two times an actual appearance by a DC character was the main plot of the episode (the first one being the Pinky and the Brain episode "Two Mice and a Baby"). Appropriately, the episode is included as a bonus feature on the two-disc DVD and Blu-Ray release of the direct-to-video film Green Lantern: First Flight.




  • Green Lantern: First Flight

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