Part of the French national anthemn plays when Toast says "No,wait,the revolt idea rocks!".

The French national anthemn was composed during the French Revolution.

Aka does not wear a dress.This is another episode where she dresses in a boy's costume(Russian Revolution).


King Louis and his wife were not beheaded immediately after the Versailles Palace was stormed.

Froggo is seen wearing a baseball cap even though it had not been invented yet.

There should be more people when the Versailles Palace was stormed.

The World's Oldest Woman was seen as one of the peasants who stormed the Palace,but during the line 'Louis and Marie,the king and queen of France,they gotta go!',she is seen sewing instead of being part of the Revolution.The cap she was wearing during the storming disappears during the beheading of the royal couple.

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