Is episode 2 in season 2. It is Freakazoid's brithday and he has to do what any one says because Sergeant Mike Cosgrove says some told him that. But Freakazoid does not like it and Cosgrove says if oh, you don't believe me ask the other superheroes Freakazoid says he can't because they are all at a mating on a moon. Then The Lobe comes in and tells him to leave him alone but Freakazoid says it does not work for him because he is a villain. But he says yes it does because it is in the superheroe code book. So Freakazoid leaves him alone and is cut someone's grass. Then he says what are you doing and Freakazoid says "I'm doing cutting your grass just like you want." He says, "Go after The Lobe. What are you wacko?" Then Wakko Warner comes and says "No, I'm Wakko." and Freakazoid ask "Why are you here?" Wakko says "It's ok. Steven Spielberg loves it when we do this. Animaniacs is his favorite." Then Freakazoid says "No, Freakazoid! is his favorite." Next The Brain comes and says "No, Pinky and the Brain is his favorite." So Freakazoid says "Why don't we go ask him?" So they go to his place he says "What is this all about?" Freakazoid asks "Who your favorite?" and he says "Who are you people?" Then it goes back to the show. No one likes Freakazoid because he can't stop The Lobe. Then he leaves town, rips up the book, and sees something on one of the pages, and gets mad. He goes to town hall to talk to Lobe and shows him the page. Lobe gets away and he goes after him. Then he sends him to jail.

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