Tiny Toon Adventures
"Test Stressed"
Season 1, Episode 4
Production code 122
Air date September 14, 1990
Written by Jim Reardon
Stephen Langford
Paul Dini
Sherri Stoner
Directed by Rich Arons
Animation services by TMS
Gag credit Enough Television - Go Read A Book
Closing tag Buster: "And dat's a wrap!"
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"The Wheel O' Comedy"
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Test Stressed is the fourth episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


The toons at Acme Loo take exams in the following three shorts:

Too Late to Loon

Plucky is doing poorly in cartoon math and wants Shirley the Loon to channel Albert Einstein so he can be smarter. Unbeknownst to him, Shirley tells him too late that Einstein had problems in math as a kid.

Li'l Sneezer

Sylvester gives Furrball a test in which he has to catch a mouse. The mouse happens to be Little Sneezer whom, unbeknownst to Furrball, has a gigantic sneeze on him.

To Bleep Or Not to Bleep

Buster meets Fowlmouth who has a problem with swearing. Fowlmouth wants to go out with Shirley but due to his problem, she doesn't even talk to him. Buster invents a machine that attacks everytime Fowlmouth swears, but it blows up. Buster discovers that Fowlmouth doesn't swear around babies or children, so Fowlmouth makes a date with Shirley and Buster follows them with babies.


When Fowlmouth swears his cuss words are bleeped out.

Cultural references

  • The Albert Einstein montage is a parody of the "Pink Elephants on Parade" sequence from Dumbo.
  • The "great cats in history" Sylvester mentions to Furrball are parodies of Felix the Cat, Tom and Jerry, and Garfield.

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