It is episode 7 of season 2. The episode starts out with Waylon Jeepers trying to make a watch called the meduse that truns things to stone. He made one that truned Beavers in to gold then he fianl made it. He frist trys it on a Pigeon and Freakazoid sees and takes it away. He says frist it was gold Beavers and now it's stone pigens he is very made and says bye. Then Waylon Jeepers buy a book called How to Summon Monsters the E-Z Way. Freakazoid is on a date with Steff when Sergeant Mike Cosgrove calls and says one of Jeepers neighbor needs to see him. So he goes over and when they are talking to her she scearms and runs in side they look behind them and see Jeepers and a Monster. The Moster says he is Vorn the Unspeakable he says he is the enemey of the enemey that summons him he looks at Freakazoid and say and you are. Freakazoid tells him his name he beats up Freakazoid and Jeepers watch falls out of his pocket he picks it up. He was about to trun Freakazoid in to stone but Steff pushes him out of the way. They here the cops and Cosgrove coming and leve. Next Freakazoid goes to his Freakalair and trys ever thing in ther but it doen't work. Then Freakazoid Casgrove and Professor Jones go to Professor Heiney for help. He tells them about Vorn and how to trun Steff back to normal he also says that they don't know any thing about Jeepers so he give them a list of monters who know Vorn. Freakazoid says 4581 friends that a lot. They olny get the frist part of the list done then Cosgrve and Jones says lets try to find jeepers. Freakazoid says we don't know any thing about him all we know is his from Venice Bech CA. Next they go to Venice Bech CA to find them when they are looking for them Professor jones gets lost. Then they find them but Jeepers want's to trun them to stone and Vorn want's to eat them. When they are fight Freakazoid and Cosgrove get away when they are done fighting Jeeepers sees thet are gone he his made then Freakazoid comes back and ties him up. Then Cosgrove dells with vron Freakazoid comes back with a whight and drops it on his foot. Jeeprs gets free and was gonig to trun Cosgrove in to stone but Freakazoid truns him to Vron and truns him to stone. Then Freakazoid takes the watch and beats up Jeepers. Then Feakazoid goes to lokk for Jones he finds him and ask were is Steff and he says he sold her Freakazoid makes him buy her back and truns her to normal. Then they go and buy sunglasses and Jeepers and Vron go to jail. They try to start a mob but they keep sacying ever one.

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