Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain
Abbreviation PEATB
Executive producer Steven Spielberg
Run 1998-1999
Episodes 13
Original network Kids' WB!


Steven Spielberg presents Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain (originally titled The Continuing Adventures of Pinky and the Brain and Pinky and the Brain: The Elmyra Years) was a spin-off series serving as a follow-up to Pinky and the Brain.

This short-lived series continued the exploits of Pinky and The Brain, who had now been evicted from the now-closed-down Acme Labs (in one episode, it was revealed that the lab had been turned into a Disney Store) and on the run from the psychotic Wally Faust. Their life on the lam (as explained in the theme song) eventually leads to them hiding out in a pet store and being purchased by Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toon Adventures.

Now living in Elmyra's bedroom, Brain continues to work on his schemes of world domination, but Elmyra proves to be quite a distraction, to the point that in some episodes, Brain never actually gets around to enacting his plan. Also, the other Tiny Toons characters are oddly absent from this series. For one thing, instead of Furrball and Byron, Elmyra's pets include a new cat named Mr. Pussy-Wussy and a turtle named Mr. Shellbutt. Elmyra now goes to Chuck Norris Grammar School instead of Acme Looniversity, and Montana Max was replaced by a thickheaded slob named Rudy Mookich.

The series was not very popular and was abandoned from Kids' WB! the following season before all the episodes had aired, and the remaining episodes were left to be aired on The Big Cartoonie Show.

Episode list

  1. Patty Ann / Gee Your Hair Spells Terrific
  2. Cute Little Alienhead / Better Living Through Cheese
  3. My Fair Brainy! / The Cat That Cried Woof
  4. The Girl With Nothing Extra / Narfily Ever After
  5. The Icky Mouse Club / The Man From Washington
  6. At the Hop! / Pinky's Dream House
  7. Yule Be Sorry / How I Spent My Weekend
  8. Wag the Mouse / A Walk in the Park
  9. Squeeze Play / The Raven
  10. Teleport a Friend
  11. Mr. Doctor / That's Edutainment!
  12. Fun, Time and Space / Hooray for Meat
  13. Party Night / The Mask of Braino

Theme song lyrics

Lyrics highlighted in red text were only used in the first episode's opening sequence.

Chorus: The situation's changed
For Pinky and the Brain
No laboratory, alone in the rain
And someone's looking round
For where they might be found
It's stinky
For Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain
Their pressure magnified,
With every lab they tried,
They had to flee constantly,
Needing a place to hide.
Trapped inside a store
A girl ran in the door
She bought a discount turtle
But ended up with more.
Elmyra: Furry things are nice,
I love my talking mice.
I take them to school
And make them eat rice,
I spray them with perfume
In my own bedroom!
Chorus: They're wrinkly,
And often in great pain, pain, pain, pain
Pain, pain, pain, pain
So Pinky and the Brain
Share a new domain.
It's what the network wants,
Why bother to complain?
The earth remains a goal,
Some things they can't control,
They're Pinky,
Elmyra and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain
Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain

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