Voiced by Rob Paulsen

Mr. Hitcher was a villainous character occasionally featured on Tiny Toon Adventures. He is a parody of Jason Vorhees from the Friday the 13th movie series and was usually cast as an antagonist to Plucky Duck.

Hitcher is first seen in the movie How I Spent My Vacation, in which, true to his name, he hitches a ride with Hamton J. Pig and his family during their car trip to Happy World Land. Plucky is immediately creeped out by this character, and his suspicions are confirmed when he hears a news flash on the car radio about a psychotic, pig-hating killer on the loose who matches Hitcher's physical appearance. As Hitcher starts revving up the chainsaw he has concealed in his jacket, Plucky tries to warn the Pigs that this guy is the criminal the radio was talking about. But they don't listen to him and remain blissfully ignorant of the threat of the so-called "nice young man" even when Hitcher comes at Plucky with his chainsaw (because he hates ducks too). Fortunately for Plucky, the Pigs drop Hitcher off shortly before reaching Happy World Land, and he accidentally chainsaws a telephone pole which drops on him and seemingly buries him in the ground. But being a movie-type monster, this does not kill him. He shows up again right after Buster, Babs, and Byron have escaped from the Delta Burg and are on the run from their predators. When Banjo the Woodpile Possum helps the bunnies and the dog escape up a nearby tree, Hitcher saws it down, sending it toppling on the bunnies' aforementioned pursuers. The bunnies, Byron, and Banjo then escape into a mine cart and ride through a long tunnel with Hitcher in pursuit. Eventually, thanks to Buster pulling a switch, Hitcher's mine cart goes off a cliff, sending him falling into the river below. Despite this, though, he shows up again in the closing song to chase down Plucky at Acme Looniversity.

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