Is episode 3 of season 2. In the episode Dexter's family goes on a vacation but Dexter stays home. Then Roddy MacStew shows his family gets captured by two men named Janos Ivnovels and Colonel Anton Mohans. They captured them thinking they are amrican spies. Then Roddy MacStew tells him to get a team to resucue his family. Then he goes in to the internet to trun lasers mines and camras. The Freakazoid's mute butler Ingmar gives him a letter saying that he is leveing and Freakazoid says were am I gonig to get a new butler. Then Professor Jones comes and says he is his new butler and Freakazoid says didn't you play in a tv show with a robot. Then later on he gets a team Sergeant Mike Cosgrove and Steff and then Cosgrove accidentally give away his secret identity. Then Freakazoid is mad Cosgrove for saying it when Steff was with them then Prafessor Jones comes in and says so your Dexter Douglas then Cosgrove and Steff say diddn't you play in a tv show with a robot. Next there plane gets shoot down the they get to the prison and are spoted. Then the garuds tell Professor Jones to step forword and they say didn't you in a tv show with a robot. Then Feakazoid beats up the garuds and they get in then Roddy MacStew comes in when he sees Professor Jones he says were is Ingmar. He tells them he got the camras off but be for he could tell them he got the lasres and mines off Professor Jones goes in to resucue the family. He gets hurt very bad. Then Freakazoid calls Janos Ivnovels and Colonel Anton Mohans and tells them they are gonig to fre his family then they get anrgy. Steff Cosgrove and Roddy ask him way he did that then he says he forgot his paln and comes up with a new one. They resucue his family and Freakazoid takes care of Janos Ivnovels and Colonel anton Mohans.

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