"Loud Kiddington's Ancient History"
Episode 36

Loud and Fetch advertising the invention of the wheel.

Production code 017
Air date March 12, 1999
Written by Tom Ruegger
Mark Seidenberg
Brian Palermo
Victor Wilson
Jed Spingarn
Alex Borstein
Erin Ehrlich
Michael Maler
Directed by Bob Doucette
Scoot Jeralds
Stephen Lewis
Jon McClenahan
Mike Milo
Animation by Wang Film Productions
Intro sequence Saturday Night Live parody intro
Episode Guide
Previous Episode
"When America Was Young"
Next Episode
"Super Amazing Constitutions"

"Loud Kiddington's Ancient History" (also titled "Our Ancient Civilization Blow-Out Sale!" in the episode's title card) is the 36th aired (but 17th produced) episode of Histeria!

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