Tiny Toon Adventures
Season 1, Episode 64

A scene from the Super Plucky-O Bros. commercial.

Production code W-165
Air date February 26, 1991
Written by Paul Dini
Sherri Stoner
Tom Ruegger
Directed by Kent Butterworth
Art Leonardi
Ken Boyer
Animation services by Wang Film Productions
Gag credit This Is Episode Number 65 - Just In Case You're Counting
Closing tag Dizzy: "Show over!"
Episode Guide
Previous Episode
"No Toon is an Island"
Next Episode
"High Toon"

"K-Acme TV" is the 64th broadcast episode of Tiny Toon Adventures. It is also the last episode in production order for the first season, and was in fact intended to air as the season finale (as evidenced in the gag credit), but due to delay of "High Toon", it ended up airing as the second-to-last episode of the season instead.

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