Joseph Stalin is the Soviet dictator. (1929 till his death in 1953) (some cases also say he started ruling over the Soviets in 1924)


He was born in Gori, Georgia on 18 December 1878 (some records say 1879) and his real name was Iosif (also Joseph) Djugashvili.

His pen name,Stalin,is from a Russian word meaning ' steel '. The name Djugashvili means son of Juga, with juga meaning ' herd ' or ' steel ' .

Stalin was part of a Russian Communist group called the Bolsheviks,with Vladimir Lenin as its leader. The word Bolsheviks is from a Russian word meaning ' majority'.


In the song ' The Sound of Stalin ' , there is a line that goes ' Big Brother plots that would make Orwell blush ' . This line is a reference to the novel ' 1984' written by British author George Orwell, whose real name was Eric Blair. The novel is about a dictatorship in Oceania and in the novel there is a character called Big Brother.It is unknown if Big Brother exists in the novel and people in the novel knew there were cameras set up for Big Brother to watch what they are doing.

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