Is episode 8 in season 2. The episode frist starts out with Freakazoid, Sergeant Mike Cosgrove, Steff, and Professor Jones taking the top villains to Paris France hoping they will never bother any one. But they are lost. The villains are Longhorn, Candle Jack, The Lobe, Cave Guy, and Cobra Queen. Freakazoid is flying the plane and Lobe is scared because Freakazoid is flying. Then he tells Cosgrove to take over well he goes to the bathroom then the plane is falling Freakazoid says whats worng and Cosgrove says he does not know how to fly. Then Freakoid starts flying and at the time he is flying Dr. Mystico sees the plane on his radar and makes them crash. Next they pull the plane out of the water and Cosgrove says all right villains Im going to unlock your you any one who trys to run away is in big trouble. He unlocks them when he unlocks Longhron he runs away then they here him scream they go over and olny find his nosering. Next Freakzoid comes up with a plane he tells Steff and Cobra queen to fix the plane and him Cosgrove The Lobe and Cave Guy go to find out what happened to Longhorn. He tells Candle Jack to stay and scare the Professor. When they are looking for Longhorn Cave guy goes missing then Cosgrove says see kids thats what happens when you don't use the buddy system so they use it. Then Cosgrove goes mising because Lobe let go of his hand because it was sweaty. Then Freakazoid and Lobe get captured and Dr. Mystico tells them his plan his plan is to combined humans and orangutans. Next they escape and get away at the end they are still lost.

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