Tiny Toon Adventures
"Her Wacky Highness"
Season 1, Episode 6

Babs as the Queen of Wackyland.

Production code 108
Air date September 21, 1990
Written by Sherri Stoner
Directed by Ken Boyer
Animation services by TMS
Gag credit The Moral of the Story - Elmer Fudd Is a Dolt
Closing tag Buster: "And dat's a wrap!"
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"Her Wacky Highness"


It seems that Babs hasn't yet learned her lesson from "Born to be Riled". Her impression of Elmer Fudd get to a point where he sends her to the principal's office. The Principal tells her about self-control, but she doesn't listen and is sent home as a result. Her mother tells her the exact same thing about self-control and sends her to her room. Babs thinks that no one appreciates her, so she runs away to Wackyland with Gogo Dodo.

Buster, Hamton, and Plucky try to find Babs in the scary part of Wackyland where they have little adventures of their own. Meanwhile, Babs is having the time of her life with Gogo and his friends and is made the Queen of Wackyland.

Buster and the guys find her on the throne and wants her to come back with them. She finds out the importance of self-control after the characters in Wackyland get out of hand. The minute she says the word, the Wackyland characters chase her and the guys out of Wackyland.

On the way out, they learn to walk on air without looking down, a fatal mistake that most cartoon characters of the past often make. Elmer is pleased that Babs has turned over a new leaf, but not without her tacking a sign on his back.


  • The gag of Plucky using a pin to pop Babs' fantasy bubble was reused for one of Cartoon Network's commercial bumpers for the show.

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