This is episode 5 of season 1. The episode starts out with Freakazoid in the hall of sidekicks he walk over to a statue of Foamy the Freakadog. He says he was the best sidekick and he tells the syory of how he was his sidekick. The story starts out with Feakazoid falling a dog catcher then he jump on to the truck and his car carshs he says pull over before it's to late and makes him carsh and all the dogs get out. He ask whats wrong and Freakazoid says your leaft tale light is out he was gonig to give him a tick but didn't. Then he saw Foamy a very mean rabid dog and made him his sidekick. How ever Foamy he hates him. Ever time they go to fight bad guys he does not listen to him and always bites him and beats him to a plup. in one part Freakazoid is fighting Cobra Queen then her giant snake garbs him and starts squeezeing him. He asks for help then Foamy bites him on thee head pulls him out and beats him up Cobra Queen and her snake are wandering why his sidekick is beating him up. Then they get away. Later on Freakazoid is tied to a missile he tell Fomay to find Sergeant Mike Cosgrove he runs off jumps over one of Cobra Queens giant snakes jumps over a canyon and runs past scorpios and poisons spiders. Past Sergeant Mike Cosgrove all the way to a fire hydrant to use the bathroom. When he is done the missile blows up and Freakazoid falls in front of him and he growls at him and beats him up. Then Freakazoid fianly found out he does not like him so he is no longer his sidekick at the end it shows Foamy on his but. It also shows a short little episode Lord Bravery, Fanboy, and Freakazoid!.

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