Dr. Mystico is a mad scientist who combines humans and orangutans, featured in the Freakazoid! episode "The Island of Dr. Mystico". He seeks to take over the world, though he always seems to say Cleveland instead. He has a white cat. Island of Dr. Mystico. In this episode Freakazoid, Sergeant Mike Cosgrove, Professor Jones, and Steff are taking the top villains on a plane to Paris, France hoping they will never bother anyone ever again. The villains are The Lobe, Cave Guy, Cobra Queen, Candle Jack, and Longhorn. While piloting the plane the sun gets in Freakazoid's eyes and the plane crashes. Then Longhorn escapes but gets captured by Dr. Mystico. Then Freakazoid, Sergeant Mike Cosgrove, Cave Guy and The Lobe go and find out what happened to Longhorn. Then Cave Guy gets captured then Sereant Mike Cosgrove and the Freakazoid and The Lobe. Dr. Mystico was going to combine them with some orangutans but they escaped and got away.

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