Doctor Mordough
Mordough prepares to do one of his fruit acts for Pinky, Brain, and Snowball.
Species Human
Gender Male
Pets Precious
First appearance "Brainwashed"

Dr. Mordough is the reclusive scientist who built the gene splicer that turned Pinky, The Brain, and Snowball into intelligent lab animals.


Sometime after Dr. Mordough sent Pinky and The Brain back from the laboratory on his private island to Acme Labs, his pet cat Precious accidentally went through the gene splicing machine. This turned her into a creature of genius intellect, but the corresponding increase to the size of her head robbed Precious of her good looks. Wanting revenge on a world that viewed her as ugly, she created a dance called the Schmëerskåhøvên that would dumb down all humans and turn them into her kitty slaves, starting with Dr. Mordough. When Snowball, Pinky and The Brain flew to The Island of Doctor Mordough to discover the origin of the Schmëerskåhøvên, believing Mordough to be responsible, they were surprised to discover that he himself had been hypnotized by the dance. It was then that Precious chose to reveal herself the mastermind behind the Schmëerskåhøvên and the Land of Hats, and after explaining her intent to broadcast the final verse worldwide and turn all of humanity into her kitty slaves, she had her accomplice, The Evil Clown, send the three back through the gene splicer, reverting them into common lab animals. By using a kitty treat to trick Dr. Mordough into releasing them, Pinky and The Brain later escaped and replaced her final verse with one that would undo the effects of Schmëerskåhøvên, so if Dr. Mordough was watching the broadcast and was able to perform it in that state, he would have returned to normal.

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