Dance of Doom was the first Freakazoid! eipsode. In the eipsode Dexter's high school is having a dance for daylight saving. But Dexter is not there because he does not have a date. His parents ask him if he want's to wach america's most wanted. But he does not want to. At the time of the dance Cave Guy robe's a bank and sees the high school and hold's ever one hostage. Then Dexter comes downstairs for sanck and sees Cave Guy at his high school. Then he changes in to Freakazoid. Then is on his way to the school but Sergeant Mike Cosgrove stops him and says do you want ot go get a mint and he says yes. Then he heads to the school but when he leves Waylon Jeepers comes to try his watch on some Beavers in a pet store. When Freakazoid gets to the school he fights Cave Guy and when he is fighting him he talks to the girls that would not go out with Dexter. He beats Cave Guy and the cops take him away. Then Waylon Jeepers comes to try his watch on Freakzoid but stops him.

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