Chipper is a member of the Histeria! Kid Chorus. He is a chubby tan-skinned boy with dark curly hair (similar to Lucky Bob's hairstyle) and a crookedly-shaped mouth. He, as with Kip Ling and the Bow-Haired Girl, was primarily limited to only appearing in songs or crowd shots. There are a few times in which he actually took focus in a sketch, such as in the sketch about the Pony Express in "The Wild West", and appearing as the kid who couldn't speak Chinese at the party in the "Digest While You Rest" sketch from "China". However, outside of the songs, he never had any speaking roles.

Chipper's name is notably never actually spoken in any episode of Histeria!; it was shown only in scripts and storyboards. Because of Chipper's name never being given onscreen, fans unofficially referred to him as the Crooked Mouth Boy.

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