Cartoon Network
Daffy Duck gets stuck in Cartoon Network's logo attempting to upstage Bugs Bunny in the intro to the network's Bugs and Daffy show.
Premiere October 1, 1992
WBAU shows aired Bugs and Daffy Tonight / The Bugs and Daffy Show / Bugs and Daffy
Looney Tunes
Tiny Toon Adventures
Toon Heads
The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries
Acme Hour
Road Rovers
The Bob Clampett Show
The Chuck Jones Show
Baby Looney Tunes
The Looney Tunes Show Starring Bugs Bunny
Duck Dodgers
The Looney Tunes Show
Owner Turner Entertainment

Cartoon Network is a cable channel created by Turner Broadcasting in 1992. It debuted on on October 1st of that year, beginning its broadcast with the Looney Tunes short The Great Piggy Bank Robbery. Initially created following the Turner company having bought the Hanna-Barbera cartoon library, the network also ran the color Looney Tunes shorts produced up to 1948, which were under Turner's ownership at the time (these shorts were also being shown on fellow Turner-owned channels TNT and TBS).

In 1996, as a result of Time Warner merging with Turner Entertainment, Cartoon Network was now allowed to show cartoons from Warner's library. However, since most of the post-1948 Looney Tunes cartoons were still under contract to be shown on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network would not be able to show them until September 1999.

Yakko and Dexter

Yakko with Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory in a promo advertising Animaniacs' arrival on the channel.

Warners invade a Cow and Chicken bumper

The Warner commentate on a bumper for Cow and Chicken.

In the meantime, reruns of Taz-Mania began appearing on Cartoon Network in late 1996, followed by Freakazoid! in January 1997. After the network switched to its "Powerhouse" look in the summer of 1997, Road Rovers was added to Cartoon Network's schedule following its cancellation and removal from Kids' WB! Then in 1998, the first 50 episodes of Animaniacs were shown on Cartoon Network, with the later episodes showing up after Kids' WB! stopped running the show. To promote the show joining the network's line-up, Yakko, Wakko and Dot would sometimes show up in the network's bumpers and commentate on the shows in question, and an animation of them walking would be pasted into the episodes, accompanied by a few bars of the theme song. Tiny Toon Adventures also joined the channel in September 1999.

Tiny Toons, Taz-Mania, and Animaniacs were eventually removed from the channel's line-up by 2001 (after which Animaniacs and Tiny Toons appeared in reruns on Nickelodeon), and Freakazoid! was later dropped in March 2003. However, in 2002, Cartoon Network picked up reruns of The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries. To date, Histeria! and Loonatics Unleashed have never been shown on Cartoon Network. Pinky and the Brain has also never appeared on Cartoon Network in the US.

By October 2004, after the network had switched to its "city" look, the Looney Tunes shorts (along with the Boomerang block) were dropped from Cartoon Network's regular schedule altogether due to the box office failure of Looney Tunes: Back in Action, though The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries and Duck Dodgers remained part of the schedule until mid-2005. However, Bah, Humduck!: A Looney Tunes Christmas has aired annually as part of the channel's Christmas marathons from 2006 to 2011. Also, Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales and Wakko's Wish were still aired occasionally (until the latter film's broadcast rights were transferred to The Hub in 2012), and Bugs Bunny's Howl-o-ween Special was also aired on the network for the first time in October of 2009.

The channel finally brought the Looney Tunes shorts back to their regular schedule in November 2009, only to drop them again in January 2010. The shorts returned to the network again on March 21, 2011. This was followed by the premiere of The Looney Tunes Show on May 3rd of the same year. Currently, there is not yet any word on if any other WB Animated Universe shows will also return to the network.

"Powerhouse" commercial bumpers

From April 1998 to June 2004, Cartoon Network went through a branding known as the "Powerhouse era", so named due to the use of Raymond Scott's composition "Powerhouse" in its bumpers. These bumpers, animated by Primal Screen, depicted typical gags and scenes from the shows, underscored by a remix of the show's theme music set to "Powerhouse". The backgrounds for the bumpers were given color schemes to fit with the time of the day the shows aired: shows that aired on weekday mornings had bumpers with yellow backgrounds, shows that aired on weekday afternoons had green bumpers, shows airing on weekday evenings as well as on weekends had blue bumpers, and shows that aired during the midnight hours had black backgrounds (early on, these bumpers were red, but were changed afterward because older TV sets could not display red backgrounds very well).

After 2001, as Cartoon Network began to shift its focus more and more towards its original programming, the Powerhouse bumpers gradually started becoming less frequently used, with certain shows airing in programming blocks that used their own bumpers. The black midnight-hour bumpers, in particular, became discontinued when the Adult Swim programming block was expanded to weeknights. Some of the newer additions to the network's schedule, such as Baby Looney Tunes and Duck Dodgers notably never even had their own Powerhouse-styled bumpers. Additionally, in 2003 and 2004, for the Powerhouse-styled bumpers that were still being used, the "Powerhouse" remixes were inexplicably dropped, replaced with background music from the shows themselves. In the case of Bugs & Daffy, the title card music from "Box Office Bunny" was now used, while Freakazoid!, in its last few months on Cartoon Network, used pieces of the theme song's instrumental. These bumpers were discarded entirely when the network switched to its "City" branding in June 2004.

Image Description

Bugs & Daffy

Powerhouse bumper-Shoot him!
Daffy is aimed at by a shotgun (presumably by Elmer Fudd) and puts up a "Shoot him!" sign pointing to Bugs, who simply twists the sign back in Daffy's direction. Daffy, apparently not noticing the switch, blows a raspberry at Bugs right before he gets his feathers blasted off.

After 2002, this was the only "we'll be back" bumper used for Bugs & Daffy.

Announcer quips:

  • "You're watching Bugs & Daffy, on Cartoon Network!"
  • "Bugs & Daffy will be right back on Cartoon Network. And remember, kids, study hard, and one day you too can be wascally. That's right, kids; reach for the stars."
  • "BUGS, GET OUT OF THERE! THAT'S A BOILING POT OF SOUP, NOT A JACUZZI! ...Bugs & Daffy will be back!"
  • "Daffy, calm down! Breathe. That's right, you know, find your center. All right, tiger? Okay, let's go to a commercial. Keep it here, Bugs & Daffy will be right back."
  • "Elmer, you've been boiling that pot of vegetables all day. Let's just forget about the rabbit, throw in some tofu, and eat! I'm hungry!!"
  • "Hey Daffy, my down comforter is getting a little flat and I was wondering if you could loan me some feathers. Hey, it's just till payday! Thanks!"
  • "I think something's bothering Daffy. Eh, you know, call it a hunch, but there's a lot of underlying hostility there. Not healthy. Bugs & Daffy will be right back!"
  • "Psst, you know what makes the duck so crazy? Latte, mocha, java? He's a caffeinated canard, and he's coming right back!"
  • "You know, when Bugs says 'What's up, Doc?', he doesn't say that you're a doctor. It's a figure of speech."
  • "Your favorite playboy bunny will return! No, not that kind, although Bugs does look pretty good in a dress."
Powerhouse bumper-Gossamer's haircut
Bugs, as a barber, gives Gossamer a haircut, reducing the monster to just a pair of sneakers. This bumper's gag is based on one from Duck Dodgers and the Return of the 24½th Century, but placed in the Rabbit of Seville setting.

After 2002, this was the only "we're back" bumper used for Bugs & Daffy.

Announcer quips:

  • "Let the fur and feathers fly! Bugs & Daffy are back."
  • "Now back to the best show north, south, east, and west of the Pecos - Bugs & Daffy!"
  • "We're back, and just in time for rabbit-and-duck season!"
  • "Weeee're back! Elmer had to reload."
  • "What if Bugs had never met Daffy? Elmer might've turned out all right after all. Naaaah!"
Powerhouse bumper-Penelope
Penelope crawls out from under a freshly-painted bench and Pepe chases after her, during which she crashes through some cans of paint.

Announcer quips:

  • "You're watching Bugs & Daffy, on Cartoon Network!"
  • Bugs: "Well, eh, guess what, doc? You're watching Bugs & Daffy, on Cartoon Network!"
  • Bugs: "Hehehe, ain't I a stinker?"
    Daffy: "You sure are. Take a bath already and we'll be back."
    Bugs: "Real cute, Daffy."
  • Bugs: "Psst. Hey Mac, do you mind keeping an eye on dese commercials for me? I'll be right back! T'anks!"
  • "Roses are red, violets are blue, both smell sweet, unlike Pepe Le Pew. Bugs & Daffy will be right back!"
  • Bugs: "Stay tuned for more Bugs & Daffy."
    Daffy: "No! That's Daffy & Bugs!"
    Bugs: "Not dis again..."
  • Bugs: "We'll be right back with more Bugs & Laffy."
    Daffy: "NO!! That's Daffy! DAFFY!! You did that on purpose!"
  • Daffy: "We temporarily suspend this program in order that our sponsors may proffer their wares to the discriminating consumer."
    Bugs: "Oh, brudda..."
Powerhouse bumper-Sam shooting
Powerhouse bumper-Bugs dancing
Yosemite Sam shoots at Bugs, who dodges the bullets by dancing. Some offscreen bystanders throw flowers to Bugs when he finishes, and he takes a bow.

Announcer quips:

  • "You're watching Bugs & Daffy, on Cartoon Network!"
  • "We'll return with more of the Bugs & Daffy show, right here on Cartoon Network!"
  • "Have you seen this man? Yosemite Sam is wanted in thirteen states for robbing banks, rustling cattle, and shooting at dancing bunnies. Stay tuned for more details."
  • "Sam, I know you appreciate a good dancer, but I think flowers might express your feelings better than bullets. Bugs & Daffy will return!"
  • "There is really an easier subtler way to ask someone if they would like to dance. Bugs & Daffy will return!"
  • "What's your target? I-if it's what I think it is, you're not very accurate for a gunslinger, Sammy."
  • "Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny have been bitter rivals for years. It's nice to see them collaborating on something fun for once! Take a bow, Bugs!"
Powerhouse bumper-Tweety's screwdriver
Sylvester airlifts himself up to Tweety's cage by attaching a fan to his back. Tweety, however, stops the fan with a screwdriver and sends Sylvester spinning out of control.

Announcer quips:

  • "Now back to Bugs & Daffy, on Cartoon Network!"
  • "Aww, that's cute... oh no, LOOK OUT!"
  • "Now back to the Dumb Cat, Smart Bird show!"
  • "Sylvester, have Granny open up a can of tuna for you instead, 'kay?"
  • "Sylvester, you ingenious-- Doooh! Back to the show."
  • "Uh, Houston, we have lift-off! Houston, we may also have a problem."
  • "We're back! I know Sylvester's just dizzy with excitement."
  • "Y'know, I'm a real fan of Sylvester. Y'get it? 'Fan'?"
Powerhouse bumper-Tweety decoy
Tweety leaves out a decoy of himself which explodes right after Sylvester eats it.

Announcer quips:

  • "Now back to more Bugs & Daffy, on Cartoon Network!"
  • "Bugs & Daffy are back, with a bang!"
  • Bugs: "Eh, I'll tell ya what's up, doc: we're back!"
  • "Okay, you dopes, break's over! Back to work!"
  • Daffy: "Now, back to me! Glorious me, Daffy Duck, on Cartoon Network!"
  • Bugs: "You're back with Bugs & Daffy, unless you took a left toin at Albuquerque."


No Screenshot
Taz is fed various foods.


Powerhouse bumper-Freakazoid transforming
Dexter's first transformation into Freakazoid, as seen in the intro sequence and "The Chip", is recreated.

Announcer quips:

  • "We'll be right back with Freakazoid!"
  • "He was kicked out of the Superfriends after painting Wonder Woman's invisible plane! Really, Freakazoid?"
  • "We'll be back as soon as Cosgrove's antacids kick in. Hey, I told him crime-fighting and corn dogs don't mix!"
Powerhouse bumper-Freakazoid in alley
Freakazoid runs into an alleyway and ends up ramming straight into the camera.

Announcer quips:

  • "And now, back to Freakazoid!"
  • "Freak out! Freakazoid! is back on Cartoon Network!"
  • "Now back to the neat geek that becomes a cheeky freak! Heheheh. Take a peek!"

Road Rovers

Powerhouse bumper-Parvo distracts Hunter
Hunter, Colleen, and Blitz corner General Parvo, but he pulls out a tennis ball and throws it to distract Hunter, who leaps at the camera trying to catch the ball.

Announcer quips:

  • "You're watching Road Rovers, on Cartoon Network!"
  • "Saving the world for a dog biscuit, huh? Well, I guess it's clear that the Road Rovers are non-union!"
Powerhouse bumper-Shag scratching himself
Shag scratches for fleas, much to Blitz's disgust.

Announcer quips:

  • "Good dogs! The Road Rovers are back!"


Powerhouse bumper-Spinning wheel
Dr. Scratchansniff tries to keep Yakko, Wakko and Dot under control by hypnotizing them with a spinning wheel. It seems to work, until the camera zooms in on the wheel and suddenly Scratchansniff is the one who's been hypnotized by it.

Announcer quips:

  • Dot: "You're watching the Animaniacs, on Cartoon Network!"
  • "Gathering more stacks of wisecracks, Animaniacs will be right back on Cartoon Network!"
Powerhouse bumper-Warners working on puzzle
Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are working on a jigsaw puzzle. Wakko can't get his pieces to fit together, so he smashes them with his mallet.

Announcer quips:

  • "Those zany-to-the-max Animaniacs are back, on Cartoon Network!"
  • "We now return to the Animaniacs, and wacky hi-jinks ensue."
Powerhouse bumper-Warners on a bike
Ralph the Guard chases after the Warners, who are riding a tandem bicycle. The Warners escape into a fake backdrop, which Ralph only crashes against.

Announcer quips:

  • "You've come for the Yakko and Wakko, you'll stay for the Dot. The Animaniacs will be right back, on Cartoon Network!"
Powerhouse bumper-Warners' cement handprints
The Warners are putting their handprints in fresh cement on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but Wakko gets his hand stuck in his cement block.

Announcer quips:

  • "Now back to the Warner Brothers, and Warner Sister!"
  • "Now back to Wakko, Yakko, and Dorothy--I, I mean, Dot!"
  • "Back to cute, cuddly, concrete kids!"
Powerhouse bumper-Chalkboard
The Brain has just written a complex equation on his chalkboard, but Pinky erases it to doodle a self-portrait. Brain angrily tips the chalkboard over and it knocks them both out.

Announcer quips:

  • "You're watching the Animaniacs, on Cartoon Network!"
  • "One genius plus one idiot equals... well, one genius and one idiot. Animaniacs will be right back."
  • "When a light goes off in Pinky's head, it's probably more like one of those 40-watt bulbs that isn't much brighter than a candle."
Powerhouse bumper-marquee
Dot is trying to put up the letters on a theater marquee, but she falls off the stepladder.

Announcer quips:

  • "The Animaniacs are back. You might want to stay upwind of Wakko."

Tiny Toon Adventures

Powerhouse bumper-And now you are just damp
Buster keeps showboating in front of Babs, so she pulls a rope that drenches him with water. This bumper is based on the closing gag from Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation.
Powerhouse bumper-Calamity and Beeper
Buster and Babs unzip each other to reveal they're actually Little Beeper and Calamity Coyote, respectively. Calamity attempts to chase Beeper, but he quickly tires out and zips up the screen.

Announcer quips:

  • "Arnold Dog just told me to get pumped up or else! So stay tuned, because you're watching Tiny Toons on Cartoon Network! Yeah! Ho! Yeah! I'm tough, baby!"
  • "Babs Bunny was supposed to say that Tiny Toons will return in just a moment. Unfortunately, she had to run off to a hare appointment! [laughs]"
Powerhouse bumper-Paintbrush duel
Buster and Plucky duel each other with paintbrushes as their weapons.
Powerhouse bumper-You're blocking my view!
Babs fantasizes about being a queen, and her fantasy balloon gets in the way of Plucky's view, so he pops it with a pin. Babs gets back at him by popping his own fantasy balloon when he fantasizes about money. This bumper is based on a gag from "Her Wacky Highness".

Announcer quips:

  • "You are watching Tiny Toons, only on Cartoon Network, so please stay tuned! Thank you."
  • "Plucky Duck was offered lots of money to say 'Tiny Toons will be right back,' but since I just said it myself, Cartoon Network sees no need to pay Plucky after all. Sorry, pal!"
Powerhouse bumper-TTA class photo
Buster, Babs, Hamton, and Plucky are having a group photo taken, but Plucky takes a cue from Daffy in the intro sequence and places an anvil above Hamton.

Announcer quips:

  • "Good thing Tiny Toons are back now, or I was going to go COO-COO! COO-COO!"
No Screenshot
Buster tricks Elmyra into grabbing a doll in his likeness, which then explodes in her face.
Powerhouse bumper-Buster's smoothie
Buster mixes a carrot smoothie.
No Screenshot
Calamity chases Little Beeper near the Cartoon Network logo.

The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries

Powerhouse bumper-Granny caught Sylvester
Sylvester attempts to eat Tweety as a sandwich, but he escapes, and before Sylvester can grab him again, Granny appears behind him and whacks him with her umbrella.


  • Rob Paulsen voiced Major Glory in Dexter's Laboratory, Brick and Boomer in the Powerpuff Girls and Tudrussel in Time Squad.
  • Tara Strong voiced Terrence in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and Bubbles in the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Charlie Adler voiced Cow, Chicken, Red Guy and Baboon in Cow and Chicken and I.M Weasel.
  • Kath Soucie voiced Dexter's mother, LeeLee, Agent Honeydew and Pony Princess in Dexter's Laboratory, Bubbles in What-A-Cartoon Powerpuff Girls pilots and a younger version of Muriel in Courage the Cowardly Dog.
  • Frank Welker voiced Monkey in Dexter's Laboratory and Scooby Doo and Fred Jones in Scooby-Doo.
  • Jeff Bennett voiced Dexter's father in Dexters Laboratory, an Amodea boy in the Powerpuff Girls, Raj in Camp Lazlo and Johnny Bravo in the show of the same name.
  • Jim Cummings voiced Fuzzy Lumpkins in the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Tom Kenny voiced the Major, an amodea boy, Talking Dog and Rainbow Clown in the Powerpuff Girls, Eduardo in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and Jake Spider Monkey in My Gym Partner's a Monkey.
  • Joe Alaskey voiced a prospector in Johnny Bravo.
  • etc.

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