Calamity Coyote is a character on Tiny Toon Adventures. His Uncle is Wile E. Coyote.

So many Years ago parody of Starfox 64 Starwolf team name Coyote O'Donnell

Coyote in Metroid Prime 4 Evulotion

Samus aran The Princess Of Zebes Adam Malkovich killed by Alien Hunter

Samus Canary And Oliver Coyote Keen Arrow in Green Loontern

Green Link in Legend of Justice Friends

Frank Welker Voice Cast

Play Time's Over StarFox

What's the Matter Scared




What's up With You Mr Daffy

Can't let you do That Star Johnson

Now Don't Try to get away i am more big muscle more Faster larger Flexing And i'm a Genius


Metroids What a Metroids

Calamity vs Duck Dodgers

He Say Samus is Mine you stupid Duck sucker double agent wannbe!!

W-Wile E. You're Alive

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