Buttons: This is the dog that takes care of Mindy. He will follow Mindy where ever she goes trying to keep her out of trouble, which she is always getting in to. Buttons tries desperately to keep Mindy safe and he always succeeds, except he seems to get in trouble himself with Mindy's mom.

Mindy is an adorable and very beautiful female toddler who is always getting into all kinds of trouble. She finds some way out of her harness when her mom is not looking and goes running after something. If it was not for her loving dog Buttons (who keeps her out of trouble) she would have been a goner long ago. Mindy is a cute little girl with blond hair and wears a white t-shirt, frilly white training panties, purple short-legged overalls, white ankle-length socks and black strapped Mary Jane shoes, her favorite thing to say is "Ok I love you bye bye".

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