It is the 4th episode in season 1. The episode first starts out in a comicbook store. With Fanboy he sees one of his heroes and starts talking to him and bugs him. Then he runs away screaming and Fanboy is sad. He says ever time he mets one of his heroes they run away like he is a nut case. Then he sees a news report with Freakazoid and his new sicekick Expendable Lad battling Milk Man Freakazoid wins but Expendable Lad a take to the hospital due to a bruised clavicle. Then the news reporter says who will be Freakazoid's next sidekick. Next it shows Freakazoid at a restaurant eating and sad because of what haped to Expendable Lad and the onwer Mike says that it is oky. Then Fanboy cames and want to be his new sidekick but Freakazoid does not want any more sidekicks. Then Fanboy says he lerend evey thing about him. But he stale want let him be his sidekick he trys his best to make go away. Then they end up in a Sci-Fi convention and Freakazoid shows him Mark Hamill and starts runing after him.Then they have a short little episode of were Freakazoid says who cut the cheese in french.

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