Tiny Toon Adventures
"A Ditch In Time"
Season 1, Episode 35 (55 produced)
Air date November 9th, 1990
Written by Wayne Kaatz
Douglas McCarthy
Storyboarded by Bruce Timm
Douglas McCarthy
Directed by Art Vitello
Animation services by TMS
Gag credit Any Similarity Between This Cartoon and the Original Script Is Purely Coincidental
Closing tag Plucky: "Parting is such sweet sorrow."
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"A Ditch In Time" is the 35th episode (55th produced) of Tiny Toon Adventures' first season. TMS did the animation.

Plot Synopsis

Plucky waited till the last minute to do his homework, and when he finally has the chance, he falls asleep until 7:00 AM. With no time to study, Plucky comes up with a brilliant (sarcasm) plan to build a time machine out of his clock, couch, bathtub, and lawn mower. Then, Plucky of the future comes in the time machine that he built 4 days later to take present Plucky back to Friday to do the homework. (...Anyone else scratching their heads thinking "WTF"?)

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